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Session 1, 90mins., before morning coffee

Introduction (15mins)

  • Main and support instructors
  • Each participant
  • Aims and scope
  • Challenges of bioinformatics and genomics

History of Unix (30mins)

  • First 5 minutes of time sharing footage
  • The personal computer and how Unix did not arise from it, but other systems did
  • How Unix history has shaped its character
  • How this nature might help meet current challenges

Accessing terminal (15mins)

  • Logging on to Windows with University ID
  • Finding PuTTY (locally or through Apps Anywhere)

Procedure for PuTTY

  • Server or, port 22, SSH.
  • Terminal keyboard: VT100+
  • Connection | Data | Auto-login username: <username>
  • Saved session: enter any chosen name, save
  • "Connect"
  • PuTTY Security Alert "The server's host key is not cached in the registry": click "yes"
  • Once in, type "fortune" to see if keyboard is OK.
  • First operation will be ... to get out again! Type "exit" or "logout"
  • This gets us back to Windows
  • Also logout of Windows (Apps Anywhere also seems to have a logout procedure)
  • Then repeat the entire procedure


Session 2, 90mins., 11am to 12:30

  • The first part of course runthough. It's likely this will spill over into Session 3

Session 3, 90mins., 13:30 to 15:00

  • Spill over from Course Runthrough (30 mins)
  • This part will be anchored by a Vim presentation

Session 4, 90mins., 15:30 to 17:00

  • This is for advanced tools: mostly about awk and bioawk. Using various file formats.