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WIP for progressing to user-centric conda installs

We are testing Bioconda on Marvin on a per user basis, so you have total control over it. Log in and from the command line type:


Either log out and back in or type:

source ~/.bashrc

We strongly advise using environments: . You can do this in many ways. Please see the link for more details (here you can specifiy eact version etc ..). The easiest usage would be: e.g. conda create -n NAME_OF_ENV PACKAGE_TO_INSTALL

conda create -n roary roary

conda activate roary

conda update roary

You are now ready to use this package.

Conda deactivate        to leave this environment.

This works for me and a test user. But may fail for you, so be patient with us.

To list all the environments you have created:

conda info –envs

installing packages: