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Some, though not all, of the tips here are for setting up users and groups.

The tool of choice is smbldap.



  • To create a new user(s)

Root has a script in bin/, so as root:

sh bin/ <user> <user1> <user2>

will create groups, accounts, home folder and all relevant files into the new home folder. Then you need to setup passwords with:

smbldap-passwd <user>

for each of the users.

Then setup an ssh key for logging into the nodes.

Login a user and execute


and just accept all the suggestions.

.ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/, then get created.


cp .ssh/ .ssh/authorized_keys


chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

then ssh node1 should log in to node1 without password.


  • To create a new group
smbldap-groupadd -a <newgrpname>
  • To add users to a certain group (note that this seems to take some time to propagate, as well as only working on fresh logins)
smbldap-groupmod -m <list,of,users> <targetgroup>