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Currently running at: on port 80.

The StABDMIN site was born of the need of a way to track the users on marvin, the PIs they're associated with, the funded and unfunded grants they hold and the data they use.

It was written by Joe in about 2 weeks in 2019 and he apologises sincerely for the lack of comments in the code, and absence of tests. It's still a damn site better than what was there before (i.e. nothing).

Keeping it running

The database is called StABDMIN, the database user is StABDMIN and the password is stored in /etc/mysql/stabdmin.cnf.

The code for the project is in /storage/home/users/StABDMIN. The site is set to store static files (css, js etc) in /var/www/StABDMIN/.

Restarting the server

As root:

  • To start the webserver navigate to /storage/home/users/StABDMIN/StABDMIN
  • run module load python/3.6.4
  • run sh

And this will run gunicorn using

gunicorn StABDMIN.wsgi:application  --pid -b -n StABDMIN -D