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Faculty of Computer Science lent this to Janet Cox-Singh indefinitely, for use exclusively with Oxford Nanopore's MinION USB sequencing devices.

Recent Behaviour (Sept 2017)

The laptop will light up, but will not commence device activation, i.e. will not proceed to BIOS. The keyboard will certainly light up, but there is no noise and the screen is entirely blank.

The LED for the harddisk flashes slowly .. this may point to something to do with the hard disks. It may also have o do with the graphical card and conflicts with nouveau drivers, as once the laptop does get going, on closing down, very many warnings about nouveau drivers come up.

Measures taken

Opened laptop, took out both hard disks, reseated memory. Leaving out one memory module has the effect of laptop cycling automatically between on and off.

Pieces were returned to their places, but laptop continued its original behaviour.

Laptop was connected to external screen, just in case the graphics have anythign to do with it. However, external monitor remained blank (it was tested with another laptop).

The laptop was then left on, and suddenly, about 30 mins or 1 hours later, it came to life and booted normally to biolinux.

Logging in remotely

A reverse tunnel to marvin may be set up (on the scan-pc itself), so that - from marvin only - one can log in remotely to scan-pc. Note however that the user must belong to the ssh group for this to be allowed as the AllowGroups setting in sshd_config is for members of ssh group only.

df -h takes a long time

This is probably due to the network mount, which won't be resolved unless the wifi network is on eduroam.

default folder for minion

This location is at the command of the MinKNOW program and the default location is /var/lib/minKNOW/data.