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  • Well-established secure data distribution system designed with research in mind
  • Ofrece un entorno parecido a FTP pero más seguro (hay dos niveles de seguridad), razón por la cual que su configuración sea mñas dificil. Ten en cuenta que sólo hay que hacerlo la primera vez.
  • Must be registered as a user on Partaking in projects will probably require a second separate set credentials
  • A main concern of course has been the large datasets.


The concept of endpoint is critical in globus, though if you install the personal version of their software, a non persistent endpoint is set up automatically.

Mac OS X

  • Download and install "Globus Connect Personal". You find it in Support section, and within that, Downloads.
  • The program is run in the background, and one interacts with it via the browser, and particularly, the website, where one must already have been authenticated before embarking on the dataset transfers.


  • The GUI application, programmed in Tk, can be a bit awkward, and the command-line version is recommended, for which one must use a special server of, called
  • the command-line is quite similar to using ssh
  • one should upload one's public key to the globus website, in the Manage Identities, section, and within that, the SSH Public Keys part. Be aware that it takes at least 15 minutes for the key to take effect.
  • Lgobus' documentation isn't always entirely clear, as with

which will give an error, "demodoc" being a placeholder. One should use the name of the project, which in my case was "uviconus"!

  • Los documentos globus hablan de commandos como globusconnect -setup y endpoints pero quizá esto no es necesario para una simple descarga a máquina local.

El comando para tener un listado formato largo de directorios es la siguiente:

ssh "ls -l" fsurcc#med:/lustre-med/share/Outputs_CASAVA

A partir de ese commando, cualquier persona familiarizada con ssh y scp puede introducir las variaciones apropiadas para la operación que quiere realizar.