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Dominant Radseq analysis software protocol by Julian Catchen.


  • create database, you must have the appropriate privileges for this. If you do, the command will be something like:
echo "CREATE DATABASE <mynewdbname>" | mysql -h <name_of_server_running_mysql> -u <myusername> -p
  • ensure $STACKSROOTDIR/share/stacks/sql/my.cnf is set up properly
  • ensure modification privileges for the user
  • load stack.sql schema onto the database. It's in $STACKSROOTDIR/share/stacks/sql/stacks.sql, i.e.
mysql <mydbname> -h <name_of_server_running_mysql> -u <myusername> -p < $STACKSROOTDIR/share/stacks/sql/stacks.sql
  • for whatever reason one can start over by deleting a dtabase too. Care should be taken with a step like this, just in case one deletes the wrong database. The delete command's keyword is in fact "DROP" and woudl be run like this:
echo "DROP DATABASE <mynewdbname>" | mysql -h <name_of_server_running_mysql> -u <myusername> -p