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1) Best way, most likely wont work.

sudo su
ssh into node to be restarting
Type reboot

This should bring the node back if there are no other problems. Node10 is known to hang on reboot, if this happens go to point 2.

2) Log into Marvin (use LINUX machine)

ssh marvin@st... -X             (for interactive mode)     (big boy X!!!

Type in the IP address of the server in the web address. Type in the ip address from the notes on “computingDetailsSheet.xls “ on the one dirve. Management IP has the IP address for each node. xx..xx..xx..xx.. – add exception.

User and password can also be found in the corresponding sheet.

Launch virtual console remote control tab, then console redirection. (Another way is SOL console)

Check that it hasn’t frozen on reboot.

Power option in the console.

3) Hard way. If ssh into the node doesn’t work:

source ipmibash.funcs

pwcycck 10 ( number is the node number)