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* [[Miseq Prokaryote FASTQ analysis]]
* [[Miseq Prokaryote FASTQ analysis]]
* [[snpcallphylo]]
* [[snpcallphylo]]
* [[subtracting mitochondrial alignment pipeline]]
* [[Bottlenose dolphin population genomic analysis]]

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Usage of Cluster

Documented Programs

Queue Manager Tips

A cluster is a shared resource with different users running different types of analyses. Nearly all clusters use a piece of software called a queue manager to fairly share out the resource. The queue manager on marvin is called Grid Engine, and it has several commands available, all beginning with q and with qsub being the most commonly used as it submits a command via a jobscript to be processed. Here are some tips:

Data Examples


(short sequence of tasks with a certain short-term goal, often, a simple script)

Navigating genomic data websites



(Workflow with a specific end-goal)


(Extensive workflows with different with several possible end goals)

Cluster Administration